Spot-On Ads

Spot-On Ads

Using a database of more than 4,500 U.S websites hand-built to cover the political marketplace, Spot-On Ads helps political campaigns, public affairs and advocacy groups navigate the online media.

Spot-On has worked for:

  • Presidential primaries
  • Congressional campaigns
  • National persuasion campaigns
  • Statewide and local ballot measures
  • Governors’ races
  • Down-ballot constitutional officers
  • Local and statewide public affairs and lobbying efforts
  • Big and small city mayoral races


Why Spot-On?

In hotly contested states, TV campaigns are becoming increasingly expensive – sometimes beyond the reach of local efforts. The majority of those ads aren’t even seen – most TV viewers skip ads.

Spot-On secures online inventory not available through ad networks – even the ones that claim to target specific voters or groups.

Our clients use high-impact ad “rich” media placements with the same punch as a TV ad – on mobile and desktops computers.

Spot-On’s premium placement ads send your message to voters and other “influencers” as they’re looking for news and information about their communities.

Our average click-through rate is a .20% – double the industry average – at a price point that almost any campaign can afford.

Insider Tip: Local Is Loved

Seven in 10 voters follow LOCAL news.
Pinpoint Persuasion’s
database of LOCAL news sites gets you in front of voters.

Insider Tip: Face Time

Smile! Voters respond better to ads carrying a face. Ads with people – usually the candidate – drive more traffic to your campaign site.