Pinpoint Persuasion

Pinpoint Persuasion offers political professionals a safe, secure online ad placement service, for political media buying that targets the voters you need, online.

We bring together experienced political insiders and online experts to help you determine the best way to promote your cause or candidate.
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Online Town Crier

Spot-On’s Online Town Crier Facebook applications are specifically designed to help political campaigns and candidates spread the word about their efforts—and learn more about supporters.

Online Town Crier helps campaigns and candidates make the best use of Facebook's social and political networking capabilities, helping campaigns personalize their messages, provide up-to-date news and information, and give supporters more effective ways to share and discuss news. Learn more »

Virtual Slate Card

If you're running a local election you can expand your ad dollar’s reach by joining with like-minded campaigns in a joint online ad buy through our Virtual Slate Card.

With one online buy, a group of local candidates can reach the voters who matter the most to them—the ones in their neighborhood—using their combined ad purchases to leverage better rates and exposure.