Here’s how SPOT-ON protects you.

Before You Run

  • Your ads need protection, review and care.
  • Spot-On specializes in direct placements which reach voters, not bots.
  • We’ve run a wide variety of campaigns at all levels and across all platforms.
Spot-On helps you plan winning campaigns.
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While You're Running

  • You want to know where your ads are running, how they’re performing.
  • Spot-On’s database of local news sites targets outlets voters read.
  • We provide your campaign with detailed plans for mobile, audio, video and desktop.
Spot-On works with you & your winning campaign.
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Helping You Win

  • Can’t afford television time? Many campaigns can’t – or won’t.
  • Spot-On’s rich media placements have TV-like impact.
  • After your win, your campaign metrics are yours to review and examine – forever.
Spot-On works to help you win — every time.
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