Finding Meaning in Google Earnings

This story is all about Google earnings but for folks interested in political ad placement, it’s worth paying attention.

Why? Google’s struggling with mobile sales.

As a result, they are requiring advertisers to buy mobile tablet ads when/if they switch to Google’s all-inclusive “enhanced campaign” buying service. And using “enhanced campaigns” is mandatory on Monday.

What does this mean for political placement?

More expensive rates – for pay-for-click and impression based sales. And some ads you might not know you’re buying.

Why is this happening? This is the important part.

Search and keyword advertising – Google’s main ways to make money – depend on the company keeping a record of a user’s search activity. With mobile, that’s harder to do. Most search devices don’t allow for the kind of cookie targeting that Google – and a number of political ad vendors – have relied on.

And mobile is growing. Tablet sales outstrip PCs buy a large and growing margin.

We’ll have more on this in next week’s newsletter because Spot-On think that the growth of Google alternatives is a trend worth following.


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