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What’s This?

Spot-On’s market survey is designed to get experts’ opinions – like yours – on the market for online political and advocacy advertising. Nothing more.

Responses to all questions will be anonymous.

If you enter the drawing for the case of California wine be assured that information is segregated from your response.

We’ll release results in two steps, the first just after the election during the International Association of Political Consultants meeting in Denver The second, next Spring at the American Association of Political Consultants annual meeting in Los Angeles.

Results will also be made available here on our website and via our monthly newsletter.

We will also be talking about the survey results on social media. So hang with us on Facebook and see how your contribution was put to good use. Or follow us on Twitter.

Thanks for your help. We look forward to hearing from folks like you – people who know what’s going on about this exciting and vibrant market.

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