Before You Run

Political candidates aren’t cans of soda: Their messaging changes over time and with events – often with little warning.

Your online media needs protection, review and care.

Political ads can’t be lumped in with car ads, mattress promotions and soda coupons.

Spot-On’s Pinpoint Placement specializes in direct placements reaching voters, not bots. We help you tell stories and engage local news readers – most of whom are voters.

Our plans are tailored to your campaign strategy.

We don’t provide one size fits all “targeting” but work with you to get the best results for a political campaigns, not brand advertising.

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Have a look at our case studies:

Bill Dodd
A candidate campaign across multiple digital platforms.

Larimer Humane Society
A ballot measure effort with rich media to get voter attention.

Bears Ears
A public effort that earned free media coverage

Buena Park
A come-from behind ballot measure that won big – with no TV, just digital.

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