About Us

About Us

Spot-On takes cutting edge Silicon Valley technology and applies it to the political, advocacy and nonprofit arenas.

Spot-On’s investors and advisors include well-known innovators and entrepreneurs. Our backing comes from the folks who invented TiVo, started hotornot.com and helped launch Wired magazine. It also includes serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and a member of the Google IPO team.

Their expertise guides our business and technology strategies. Founder Chris Nolan’s deep knowledge of the local news business and her years of experience writing about politics make for a potent combination of insights and know-how.

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Privacy Policy and Confidentiality

Spot-On respects the privacy of its clients and understand the need to keep information about campaigns confidential. We will not share information about our business relationship with other parties without seeking your consent but we do reserve the right to use aggregated data we collect in the course of doing business with you and others for planning and marketing purposes.

We will not sell information about you, your business or your clients to any third party. For more information, see our Terms and Conditions.


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Insider Tip: A Slate Card for Online

The Spot-On Virtual Slate Card is a great way for a caucus or cause to help a group of candidates. It’s an online ad buy that stretches ad dollars.

Insider Tip: Analytics 101

The Spot-On Virtual Precinct Captain provides metrics throughout your campaign. You can also get a look at creative performance for in-house A/B testing.

Insider Tip: FAQ

Just getting started with online ad placement? Have a question from a client that needs and answer NOW? Check out Spot-On’s handy-dandy FAQ.